Monday, November 10, 2008

3, 2, 1... go !

Hi all !

First of all, a little warning : I'm french and even if I speak pretty well English, I could have some problems particularly with the kntting vocabulary, thank you for your understanding ;)

So there it is, I've started my Christmas projet : a cowl for my cousin :)
I'm not an experimented knitter so I've choosed something simple to be sure to finish it (it took me 1 month to make my last mittens) and after some attempts... Finally I think I'll have time to do something else ! I like the Boyfriend's Hat that I didn't know, maybe I'll do one assorted for his husband... oh my God, I've caught the virus : a project isn't started that I'm thinking of the next !

I tried some stitches with the wool I chosed and finally it's the simple garter wich gives the better effect. I don't really like to knit this stitch, I find it a little annoying, but I like the result and with my 8mm needles it will be done soon !

So here is the thing after 5 or 6 rows :The yarn is a mix of 4 yarns knitted together : 2 alpacas, 1 bamboo and 1 mohair... it's hot, it's soft, it's blue... it'll be hard to offer it :)


Tara said...

Très beau projet ! (Je ne pouvais pas m'empêcher de t'encourager avec un peu de français !). I've never knit a cowl myself, but I think I'll be making a few neck warmers soon.

Michelle said...

I love the colour!

Marie said...

thank you Tara, after my sewing failure of the day, this will help to make some rows and calm down because for now I just want to go to bed and wait for tomorrow instead of risking to make other disasters :D
I discovered the cowls 2 years ago when I received one on a knit swap and since then it's the only "scarf" I wear in winter (with the one I knitted myself, of course !) : very hot and not bulky like a big scarf.

thank you too, Michelle. I like those mixes, it's the speciality of the shop where I buy yarns : always two or more different wools for colour and material effects :)