Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feet officially a bit wet...

So I've jumped in. I've ordered (brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen) TWO whole skeins for Christmas knitting projects...
Allow me to explain. I appear, to my dismay, to be a fairly selfish knitter thus far. Since Tara (you know,
TARA?) *um* encouraged me to explore knitting with nicer fibers (less of the acrylic, more of the Merino, for instance) I've been jealously hoarding my projects to myself, (with the exception of THIS sweater....
for the little Buddha).
But I'd really really like to knit fingerless mitts for the boys caregivers - thus the outrageously tiny yarn purchase.
If I don't get these done for Christmas ('cos, let's face it, I'm not the world's fastest knitter, and I have a few other projects that may take me over from time to time) they'll certainly get done for end-of-the-year gifts - but why give up before I've started... Christmas is the primary goal.
I sneakily (like sneaky with a sledgehammer) sussed out the Dauphin's caregiver's fave colour yesterday....'hey, we were, like, talking about favorite colours yesterday? and the little guy said he didn't know what yours was?' - I'm hoping the french-as-a-second language excuse will maybe make her less suspicious. That, and I don't think she knows that I knit. Fortunately the Buddha's caregiver is pretty clear on her colour preferences, so I didn't have to make up stories there.

So - projected project? -
Autumn Cable Mitts by Lykkefanten
projected yarns? - Louet Gems fingering (Fern, and French Blue)

Let's see how this goes, eh?


Tara said...

Look! It's kate-the-enabler's first blog post!!! I'm so excited I could just spit.

Finding suitable gifts for the caregivers can be tricky, I agree. I made mine a hat last year, and I'm just stumped as to what to do this year. Hey! Fingerless mitts, eh? That's a great idea!

Michelle said...

Gah! I love that hoodie!